A hero is someone who risks their lives for someone else’s on a daily basis.

The following occupations are eligible for the NY Heroes Program discount:

- firefighter

- police officers & law enforcement personnel

- military personnel (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard)

- EMT / paramedic-rescue personnel

- teacher

- doctor or nurse

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Annmarie Portaro & Jennifer Lien

1) What defines the eligibility of a hero?

If you qualify as a hero, you simply need to join the program. We will then contact

you so that you can receive a NY Heroes Program ‘Discount Card’ and start saving!

This is the card you bring to our participating companies to receive your discounts.

The NY Heroes Program ‘Discount Card’ is FREE is you qualify for the program.

2) How do I get these benefits?

No. There are no start-up fees to become a member of the program, only savings.

3) Does the program cost money?

For questions and general inquiries about the NY Heroes Program, please contact

Jennifer or Annmarie by phone: (631) 784-7733 or email: nyheroesprogram@hotmail.com

4) Who can I contact for more information?

No, the NY Heroes Program is not a government organization. The program was created

to show our appreciation for the true heroes living throughout our communities.

5) Is this a government organization?

To become a sponsor and participate in the effort to help our heroes,

please contact Jennifer & Annmarie at (631) 784-7733 or nyheroesprogram@hotmail.com

All companies & organizations will be screened and require a background check, licenses,

insurance, strong referrals, while offering acceptable discounts to our program.

6) How can my company/organization become a sponsor and what will it cost?


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